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Cost of Living & Higher Education in Ontario, Canada: An Insight for International Students

Canada is a popular destination for international students seeking a world-class education. With its diverse culture and strong economy, studying in Canada can be a life-changing experience. Among the many provinces & leading student cities, Ontario is known to have a great education system for higher studies. This Province has 20 Public Universities with 3 Universities in the Top 500 according to QS World University Rankings 2025. It also has 24 Colleges.

When it comes to the cost of studying in Canada’s Ontario region, understanding the financial requirements is particularly important for international students.

This article will delve into the essential costs, including tuition fees, living expenses, and miscellaneous costs, to help students make informed decisions about their higher education.

About Ontario

Ontario is the second-largest province in Canada and is one of the most densely populated provinces in the country. With 1/3rd of the country’s population living in Ontario, it is the wealthiest province with a mature and diversified industrial economy.

For international students, Ontario offers advantages like the availability of world-class Universities, education programs and work opportunities. The employment rate is as high as 92% and its proximity to the major US cities opens up opportunities for students to start their careers in the US as well.

Now that you are familiar with the province, let's take a look at top Universities in the region.

Leading Universities to Study in Ontario

  • University of Waterloo, Ontario

  • University of Guelph

  • University of Windsor

  • Brock University

  • Lakehead University, Ontario

  • Laurentian University

  • Nipissing University

  • Ontario Tech University

  • Trent University

  • Niagara University Ontario

Now that we know about leading universities in the region, it’s time to see what it costs to study in Ontario.

Cost of Higher Education in Ontario

The cost of education in Ontario can vary depending on the city, the program, and the level of study. There are plenty of options for students to choose from, some of them are budgeted ones as well.

The cost of education for Masters and Bachelors in Ontario for international Students is as follows:

Level of Study
Tuition Fees Range
Master’s Degree
CAD 16,250 to CAD 53,315
Bachelor’s Degree
CAD 19,500 to CAD 66,000

Apart from the tuition fees, the cost of books and supplies for a year will be around CAD 1,000. This was the cost of studying in Canada’s Ontario Province, now let’s take a look at the cost of living. 

Cost of Living for International Students

The cost of living in Ontario for international students can vary depending on their preferences. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Accommodation
    Accommodation in the region ranges from CAD 1,100 to CAD 2,700 per month. The price ranges depending on the type of accommodation students choose and the amenities offered. The off-campus accommodation range is much lower as students choose shared accommodation which ranges from CAD 400 to CAD 600.

    The on-campus accommodation has a higher cost range as it offers all the necessary amenities along with an option of meal plans so that the student does not have to spend much outside the campus.

  • Food & Grocery
    The cost of food and groceries can vary depending on where students choose to shop. It can go up to CAD 340 or more.

  • Utilities
    Utilities for electricity, water and gas in Ontario can range from CAD 60 to 65 per month depending on usage. This is usually included in the rent.

  • Transport
    The cost of transport for international students can vary depending on where they live. For students who live on campus, the cost of transport can be negligible. Whereas, for off-campus students, the cost of transportation can be CAD 128.15 per month.

    Students can use Toronto’s TTC system like buses, subways, and streetcars to save money.

  • Internet
    The Internet is an essential service in today’s world where everyone is connected. The cost of an internet connection ranges from CAD 60-115 per month. However, students can get discounts on this, making it more affordable.

  • Clothing
    The cost of clothing is not a monthly expense however it is important to factor in as it adds up when planning for a year or more. The cost of clothing for international students ranges from CAD 30 to 100 per month.

  • Emergency Fund
    When living by themselves, students need to plan well for emergencies that can happen. So, it is better to be prepared for them and have some money to cover these expenses. There is no ideal amount to be saved, but CAD 500 per year can help students manage most of the situations.

  • Miscellaneous
    These costs are not necessities when calculating the cost of living in Canada’s Ontario region, but they improve the quality of life for students. They include eating at restaurants, takeouts, social activities, monthly subscriptions and more. The ideal range of cost for this is around CAD 150 to 200 per month.

    Now that we know about the cost of living and studying in Ontario, let’s move on to discuss how Élan loans can help you fund these expenses.

How can Élan Overseas Education Loans help?

So far, we have seen the costs of education and living for international students in Ontario. These costs are substantial and require funds accordingly. Student loans are the most popular and reliable way to fund education as an international student, for this Élan Overseas Education Loans can help.

We offer guidance and assistance in securing education loans for international students. Our Experts assist students and their parents to understand and explore loan options suitable for them.

So, if you are planning to take an education loan for Canada, then look no further than Élan Overseas Education Loans. Our experts will ensure that you get the best loan option to fulfil your study abroad endeavors!


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