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International Sim Card

Studying abroad requires preparation and part of that preparation is making arrangements for a SIM card service before you depart from your homeland. This will help you to use your phone immediately without service interruption or expensive roaming charges during a change in service.

A SIM card when abroad is obviously the most cost effective and convenient way to stay connected. So, before you put a final tick to your study abroad checklist be certain whether you’ve got all the essential details about an international SIM card, international roaming packs, local and global SIMs or not as this is of utmost importance to stay connected once you cross borders.

It’s highly advisable to carry a prepaid International SIM card from India before travelling abroad for higher education. If your plans include travelling to a single country, an international SIM card is your best pick as the card provides you with cheaper call rates as compared to the rates offered by your home provider. In most of the plans, there is free India calling so it will help you to connect with the family and friends.

Benefits of Prepaid SIM Cards

  • Control your mobile expenses when abroad
  • Free Incoming Calls in most countries
  • Get your number before departure
  • Check your balance online
  • Easy Recharge Options

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