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To ensure precision and work with solidarity, ÉLAN has brought together a team of experts with complementary skills and years of experience, adhering to one mission and representing one brand.

The ÉLAN team believes in serving the customers with zeal and zest aiming to provide the desired end results as ÉLAN is a French word which means impetus, stimulus or drive to work in an energetic and confident way.

Mr. Pankaj Agrawal

Chartered Accountant

CEO, KC Overseas Education Pvt Ltd
Mr. Pankaj Agrawal, a seasoned Chartered Accountant, is the CEO of KC Overseas Education Pvt Ltd of which ÉLAN is a specialized wing for Overseas Education Loan Services. His overall professional experience spans over three decades of which he has dedicated nearly two decades to the overseas education industry and has developed a business acumen few others in the industry possess.

Mrs. Nalini Agrawal

BE (Civil Eng.) & MBA (Finance)

Founder, KC Overseas Education Pvt Ltd
A Civil Engineer from VNIT, Nagpur with an MBA degree in Finance, Mrs. Nalini Agrawal, is the founder of KC Overseas Education Pvt Ltd of which ÉLAN is a division. She brings a rich experience of 21 years to the table and is the mind behind the innovative ideas and thoughtful strategies that have steered KC Overseas Education Pvt Ltd to reach enviable standards

Mr. Ketan Mehta

Chartered Accountant

Executive Director, KC Overseas Education Pvt Ltd
Mr. Ketan Mehta, a Chartered Accountant, holds the key position of an Executive Director for KC Overseas Education Pvt Ltd. With over 30 years of experience under his belt, he brings enormous business expertise to the role. He has played a pivotal role in extending KC Overseas's reach to the verticals of UK, Australia, Ireland and Singapore. His ability to identify opportunities at the earliest, take strategic decisions and implement them promptly has helped KC Overseas Education Pvt Ltd in expanding its operations in several key regions in India, broadening its base and making it one of the few organizations in the industry with a nationwide presence.

His professional background of Chartered Accountancy, experience of financial aspects and exposure to overseas education industry is a strong value add to ÉLAN.

Mr. Zubin Deboo

B Com (Hons), C.A. (Inter)

Executive Director, KC Overseas Education Pvt Ltd
In the capacity of an Executive Director for KC Overseas Education Pvt Ltd, Mr. Zubin Deboo brings a young and dynamic approach to the organization. He has enjoyed multiple leadership roles in global corporations like E&Y India, Convergys and HSBC and has extensive experience in Operations. He oversees the verticals of Canada, New Zealand and Europe and KC Overseas’s business in these verticals have clocked a significant year-on-year increase under his mentorship. He also plays a key role in team management, human resources, communication and liaising with partner universities. His regular visits to the events like NAFSA, ICEF and international universities have augmented his international experience.

Owing to his adroitness and passion for perfection, he is a strong pillar of support for ÉLAN                     

Mrs. Mamta Satpute

Manager - ÉLAN
Mamta Satpute, the Manager at ÉLAN plays a pivotal role in the entire processing.

With more than eighteen years of experience in operations for overseas education and exceptional expertise in end to end processing of overseas education loans, she has successfully processed hundreds of loan applications so far.

Her detailed aptitude, foresight, experience of dealing with bankers, adeptness in providing the apt guidelines to the applicants and the sponsorers make her unparalleled.