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Cost of Living in Australia’s Adelaide City: An Ideal Place to Study & Live

Adelaide, a sunny spot along South Australia's beaches, does not disappoint with a harmony of the relaxed nature and the happening atmosphere of the city, as well as its student-friendly budget. The Land Down Under, Australia, explicitly presents international students with a compelling place to study or have an enriching life experience.

Yet, amidst the allure of academia and adventure lies a crucial aspect to consider: the cost of living in the city. From eating out at vibrant cafes to enjoying the lush parks, each leisure activity comes with a cost. However, there are ways to manage your study abroad expenses, which we will discuss later in the article.

For now, we commence our venture into facets of knowing about Adelaide, its cost of studying, and more!

About Adelaide

Adelaide is a mix of a premier education system, a lively urban environment, and beautiful natural surroundings that enrich its residents. From well-known universities and intelligent research to the vivid multicultural community and dynamic arts scene, the city provides a supportive environment for students worldwide.

The city is a lively place where a student can stroll into illuminated streets, participate in numerous events and festivals, or relax amidst the parks and gardens; it becomes a place to call home for the student on a new academic journey.

The University of Adelaide – A Top-Ranked University to Study

Among the various renowned universities in the city, there is one top-ranked choice that is compelling for international students for assorted reasons. The University of Adelaide is a member of the Group of Eight (Go8), ranks 89th globally (QS World University Rankings 2024), and boasts an international student population of over 100+ countries. It offers industry-integrated courses on distinct academic levels and aims to strengthen its curriculum and enrich its student experience by seamlessly collaborating with the University of South Australia.

Cost of Education

Education costs in Australia vary depending on the type of institution, level of study, and course one chooses. On average, international students will be paying tuition of AUD 35000 annually. This is an estimated figure; however, you will get the exact details of your study cost when you finalize the college or university for your higher education pursuits.

Now, it is time to delve into the cost of living in Australia's Adelaide city which will be extremely helpful for those considering enrolling in its universities.

Understanding the Cost of Living in Adelaide for International Students

Comprehending the cost of living in Adelaide is critical for students wishing to begin a fulfilling academic adventure in this lively Australian city. Here's what you can expect to spend as an international student.

  • Accommodation
    There are diverse types of accommodation a student can opt for when living in Adelaide, such as residential colleges, student hostels, homestays, shared houses, or managed apartments. If you choose an option like a homestay in the middle of the city, you can expect to spend AUD 250 - 510 per week. However, you can also explore cost-effective options such as shared houses, which go for about AUD 227 per week.

  • Food
    Adelaide provides a variety of dining choices to accommodate various budgets and tastes. Dining at a mid-range restaurant in the city will cost students AUD 231 to AUD 581 per month. However, cooking meals at home allows international students to save on expenses significantly, which costs only AUD 119 to AUD 252 per month.

  • Daily Transport
    Personalized and easy access to public transportation is assured in Adelaide, where students can affordably commute to the city. A solitary ride with public transport costs AUD 6 to AUD 29 per month or opt for a cab that costs around AUD 44 to AUD 105 per month, depending on the distance travelled. Consequently, one of the available alternatives for students to commute to the university is cycling, as Adelaide is recognized as a friendly place for biking with multiple bike lanes and shared paths.

  • Entertainment
    Adelaide offers diverse entertainment options to suit every taste and budget. If you decide to do a fun activity weekly, such as watching a movie or planning a night out, it can cost you around AUD 105 to AUD 120 per month.

In conclusion, understanding the cost of living in Adelaide is crucial for international students planning to study in Australia. While it offers an affordable lifestyle compared to other major Australian cities, it is essential to budget wisely and prioritize expenses.

If the overall cost of education overwhelms you, you can always take a study loan for Australia. As one of the best overseas education advisors, you can connect with our team of experts at Élan Overseas Education Loans for loan counselling and application assistance.

With team Élan by your side, you can dream about studying in your ideal destination stress-free!


  • Can international students work part-time while studying in Adelaide to cover living expenses?

    Yes, the Australian government offers 48 hours per fortnight during term-time and unlimited hours during vacations.

  • Is there any financial aid available to study in Adelaide?

    Apart from overseas education loans, students can also opt for scholarships to study in Australia, which help cover a certain part of the cost of education, depending on whether they are partially or fully funded.

  • What is the best housing option in Adelaide?

    It is highly recommended that students in the first semester live on campus to settle in city life comfortably. However, in the following years, they can live in a homestay or shared accommodation, one of the most convenient and cost-effective options for international students.

  • Are any student discounts or benefits available for transportation, entertainment, or dining in Adelaide?

    Yes, international students in Adelaide can often enjoy discounted rates for public transportation with student passes and student discounts at various entertainment venues and dining establishments.

  • What are some cost-saving tips for international students living in Adelaide?

    Cost-saving tips for international students in Adelaide include cooking at home instead of dining out frequently, utilizing public transportation or cycling instead of taking taxis, and taking advantage of student discounts for entertainment and dining.


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