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Get an Overseas Education Loan Without Visiting the Bank

Studying abroad is a dream for many students as it provides great learning and career growth opportunities. There are however some key things that you need to keep in mind besides the education aspect such as work opportunities, accommodation, and most importantly- finances.

Overseas education is a costly affair and does require a fair amount of spending. It is not possible for most students to study abroad without some help. If you too think that self-funding is not a feasible solution for you then there are other ways you can receive help such as scholarships or loan.

It is not possible for everyone to receive a scholarship and even if you do it might not cover the complete expenses of overseas education. This is where getting a loan will be extremely useful.

However, getting an overseas education loan from a bank becomes a lengthy and time-consuming process at times. You need to prepare a lot of documents and have to constantly gather updates of your loan approval which is quite overwhelming. What if we tell you that all this hassle could be avoided easily? What if there is a way you can avoid visiting the bank all together? Wouldn’t you want to take the opportunity to receive a loan and save yourself the time of visiting the bank? If yes, then reach out to ELAN Loans to receive an education loan in India for study abroad.

Let us have a look at how you can get the overseas education loan without visiting the bank through ELAN Loans.

• Approach Us Online

You can connect with us by giving us a call or book an appointment to meet us. Our counsellor will assist you through the entire process of getting an overseas education loan. You will have to provide the counsellor with the details of the country, university, and course you will be pursuing so that an estimate cost of education loan could be determined. 

• Know You Eligibility

Once an estimate loan amount has been determined you will have to select between a secured or unsecured loan. You will get our assistance towards determining which loan will be best suited for you, but ultimately the decision is yours and we will be happy to assist you regardless of your choice of the loan type. 

Before you finalise the best bank for overseas education loan as per your requirements, you want to take the loan for, you must check your eligibility of getting the loan. You can do that in three simple steps on our website

  • Create your profile
  • Fill the assessment form
  • Check your loan eligibility for NBFCs, `Nationalised Banks, Private Banks and International lenders.

• Connecting with the Bank

We have tie-ups with more than thirteen banks, with whom we can get your loan process done quickly and easily. We are partnered with 5 NBFCs, 3 private banks- Axis, IDFC, ICICI, and international lenders- Prodigy Finance, MPower Finance and Leap Finance.

• Documentation and Application Process

The next step is to submit all the documents which are required for the loan process. You can submit these documents online via email or send it on WhatsApp to out counsellor. With respect to the type of loan you want to apply for, we will check all the documents and start the application process with the bank. This process too can be done through courier, you do not need to visit us or the bank in person. 

• Documents Submission

Once all the formalities have been complete and the documents are approved, we will submit them to the bank so that they can start the loan sanctioning process. Again, these documents are submitted to the bank online by our counsellor.

• Loan Agreement Process: 

When the loan is approved, the student pays the PF and receives the loan approval letter. Later, the loan agreement process will be initiated for disbursement, and it will be couriered to the student's residence address. The student and the co-applicant / Guarantor must sign the loan agreement documents, and once completed, all documents will be sent to the bank via courier for further disbursement of the loan. The entire procedure will be completed online. Additionally, you can complete the loan agreement process by visiting your local bank.    

So, with our service you can complete the entire loan process from checking the eligibility till sanctioning and disbursement of loan for private banks, NBFC and international lenders from the comfort of your home.

Elan Education Loans is a one stop destination for all your overseas education needs. Not only do we provide assistance in getting the loan but also offer many other services such as assisting with scholarships, forex, travel insurance, and international sim card. You will not receive our services for just selecting the right financial institute, we will also guide you through the step-by-step process for receiving the loan.

We aspire to assist you with complete transparency and help you in getting the loan successfully. Reach out to us for any queries regarding the same and save yourself some time and energy by getting the loan without visiting the bank.


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