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Looking for Overseas Education Loan? Covid-19 is No Obstacle At All

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a great impact globally on every nation, every sector and every individual. We all were stuck in our homes for quite a few months, but we are now fighting the pandemic and trying to get back to normalcy as we humans never quit. Our race has faced quite a few pandemics earlier as well but we always emerged victorious and so we would even now.

Speaking of the impact of this global scenario on the service sectors, though there had been a low and uncertainty in the Overseas Education Field the global universities and the governments of different nations have been working continuously on striking out new policies and trying their level best to revive the intakes of international students at the earliest. Most of the universities or institutions in different nations have eased the application criteria, offering online studies for now which can be further continued On Campus once the situation turns back to normal.

Keeping all these developments in mind most of the study abroad aspirants who were in a stage of uncertainty for a few months have now started getting a clarity of how things would be in the next few months and we all are once again boosted with renewed energy to process for the upcoming intakes.

    Having understood that the process of applications for the upcoming intakes has already started the study abroad aspirants must now gear up to analyse which is their desired study destination and what are the norms and conditions for admission and visa processing. So, when we talk of admission and visa processing then no doubt the most important factor will be the monetary aspect as tuition fees and other expenses have to borne and initial deposits to be made for securing the seats or filing for visas. Students who can manage the entire expenses on their own have no problem at all but students who cannot do this on their own also need not worry as ÉLAN provides complete guidance and assistance for Overseas Education Loans.

    Now when we talk of the study abroad loans a few questions that pop up are:

    • Has this global crisis impacted the Overseas Education Loans Sector in any way?
    • Have the Banks and Financial Institutions raised the Interest rates?
    • Have they made the criteria stricter for the Secured Loans?
    • Is it still easy and possible to get loans in this situation?

    For all the above queries and for many more doubts in your mind let us inform you that there is no such thing to worry. The banks or financial institutions have not changed any of their policies owing to the pandemic and the process of applying for Overseas Education Loans is still the same. 

    And the best part is those who do not want to venture out of their houses, stand in long queues or go bank to bank shuttling to understand their eligibility for loan, can approach the ÉLAN Loans team for an online or in person counselling, get the documents checked, know the loan eligibility, understand whether you are eligible for unsecured or secured loans and go for an Online Loan Application for Abroad Studies

    Be Safe in Your Home, Maintain the Required Social Distancing
    Do the Entire Process Online from Anywhere in India

    Isn’t that amazing? Our team is just a call away. Approach us and we will be happy to provide free assistance to you for the end to end education loan processing.


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