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Repayment of Overseas Education Loans

A degree or diploma from a reputed foreign university can enhance a student’s career prospects immensely. However, many brilliant and ambitious students do not get a chance to pursue foreign education. This is primarily because the student and the parents are uncertain about the possibilities of repaying the huge student loan. It is this immense financial burden that holds the parents back from encouraging their children to study in world-renowned overseas institutes.

So at this point it gets essential to clarify the major misconception that most of the parents have regarding the loan repayment. Parents go about with the mindset that their son/daughter would be hardly earning anything during the study tenure and hence, wouldn’t be able to contribute in the loan repayment.

What the parents don’t consider are the part-time work opportunities in most of the top study destinations for international students.

Part-time Work Options

Students are eligible for part-time work, generally 20 hours per week, and full-time up to 40 hours per week during holidays in majority of the study destinations.

The most important fact is that, for countries like Australia and New Zealand, the minimum wage per hour is quite high and the student’s earnings are significant enough to meet the living expenses as well as save some amount which they can later use in the repayment of the foreign education loan. In this way, you can make a repayment plan.

Other Options to Ease the Financial Burden

Concession for Girl Students

In India, girl students are eligible for 0.5% concession on the rate of interest. This would provide significant monetary relief to their parents.

Best paying jobs for International Degree Holders

It is no surprise that foreign degrees are highly valued in India. The top universities abroad provide quality education, with a strong emphasis on practical application. This integrative approach with industrial connectivity is highly valued for high-end positions in multi-national companies. Engineering and technology giants prefer such students who already have a global approach towards problem-solving. Reputed foreign universities also provide cutting-edge tools to facilitate understanding of modern approaches in Industry. This proves to be an invaluable boost towards the students’ career as the best companies in the market always prefer employees with prior exposure to the technology being used. The global internships are an added advantage as they give the best exposure and experience of universal working trends enabling the students to secure lucrative jobs owing to which the loan for higher education abroad can be easily repaid in a short span of time.

Employer’s help

Some renowned multinational organizations agree to pay an amount necessary to take care of the student loan. This alternative can be discussed during the hiring process. An agreement is made for taking the amount in advance which can be compensated through subsequent salary deductions based on the employment terms. Such an arrangement is beneficial since it results in a lowered interest amount and the loan can be repaid all at once.

Keeping the above mentioned aspects in mind we realize that repaying the overseas education loan need not be a great worry as there are various ways of relieving oneself of the financial burden.

However, it also becomes imperative that the aspirant chooses the right service provider for getting end to end assistance for the overseas education loan process.

The right service provider has an experienced outlook regarding the expenses and other essential criteria to be kept in mind for different study destinations. The Education Loan Advisor also negotiates on the student’s behalf to assure the lowest rate of interest.

Speaking in a nut shell, an Overseas Education Loan must be considered as an investment for better future prospects and not a burden. Once the student’s career is on the right track, repayment of the loan becomes a trivial matter and the right investment at the right time helps you flourish in leaps and bounds.


  • Is it difficult to repay an overseas education loan within the loan tenure?

    No, it is not difficult to repay the overseas education loan. With the right planning and loan repayment plan it is possible to repay the loan amount with interest incurred within the loan tenure. 

  • How can one contribute to overseas education loan repayment while studying?

    One of the most sought-after ways of contributing to your education loan is by working part-time during semesters and full-time during semester breaks. International students are generally allowed to work part-time for 20 hours per week on weekdays and full-time for up to 40 hours during holidays in most of the study destinations.

  • What are the other options to ease the financial burden of studying abroad? 

    Some of the most efficient options for easing the financial burden of studying abroad are to ask for a girl child concession on interest rates if you are a female loan applicant. Otherwise, you can seek your employer’s help as many renowned multinational organizations agree to pay the amount necessary to take care of the student loan.

  • When is the right time to inform the employer about student debt?

    The right and most-suitable time to inform the employer about student debt is during the hiring process.

  • Is there any agreement signed for seeking an employer’s help for student loan repayment?

    Yes, an agreement is made and signed to finalise the loan amount compensation and salary deductions. This is in coordination with the employment terms and conditions.  


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