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Study at Affordable Universities in Canada: Leading Masters Courses & Tuition Fees

Canada, renowned for its exceptional education system, multicultural environment, and breathtaking landscapes, attracts countless ambitious aspirants. For those seeking to study here, there are numerous options available, ranging from high and mid-range to affordable tuition fees. However, considering the overall cost of education, students may require additional financial assistance.

This comprehensive article aims to empower you to navigate this exciting path within budget. We'll unveil a spectrum of affordable Universities across Canada, each offering esteemed academic programs while remaining fiscally accessible. Towards the end, we will also highlight one of the best funding options to help cover overall expenses.

Through this exploration, you'll discover the ideal University that will take you one step closer to your educational aspirations and a fulfilling professional life. So, let's explore the specifics!

Leading Canadian Universities Offering Masters Under CAD 25,000

When studying abroad, we must factor in two mandatory expenses: the cost of studying and living in canada. While the cost of Living depends upon lifestyle preferences, you can opt for a cost-effective education and make the overall study abroad journey more accessible.

Here are some popular, affordable universities in Canada from which you can choose without negotiating high-quality education.

1. University of Regina, Saskatchewan

The University of Regina (U of R) combines a rich history and a vibrant campus community with surprising affordability. This public University in Regina, Saskatchewan, offers competitive tuition fees, making a quality education attainable for more students. U of R boasts over 10 faculties and a variety of Masters programs across 11 disciplines, ensuring you'll find the perfect fit for your academic goals.

Popular Masters Courses at the University of Regina

  • MSc Computer Science - Data Science

  • Master of Science in Software Systems Engineering

  • Master of Science in Electronic Systems Engineering

  • Master of Science in Petroleum System Engineering

  • Master of Engineering in Industrial System Engineering

  • Masters of Business Administration in Various Specializations

  • Masters of Human Resource Management (MHRM)

It boasts various Masters programs, including these popular choices. Explore its website for a comprehensive list. Its tuition fees are competitive, making education here within your budget.

Cost of Study

The Tuition Fee for pursuing Master’s Degree at the University of Regina is between CAD 9,653 and CAD 17,946 per year.

2. Trinity Western University, British Columbia

Integrate your faith with top-notch academics at Trinity Western University (TWU), Canada's largest private Christian University. TWU fosters a vibrant community where students can develop intellectually and spiritually. It offers over 19 Graduate programs grounded in a strong liberal foundation and affordability. Their beautiful 157-acre campus in Langley, BC, offers a welcoming environment, with additional campuses in Richmond and Ottawa for added flexibility.

Popular Masters Courses at Trinity Western University

  • Master of Business Administration

  • MBA in International Business

  • Master of Arts in Leadership - Business Specialization

  • Master of Arts in Leadership - Health Care Specialization

  • Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Humanities

With its competitive tuition fees, TWU makes pursuing an advanced degree enriching and attainable. Explore its website to find the program that ignites your passion, and then proceed to the next section for fee details.

Cost of Study

Trinity Western University fees in Canada to study Master’s Degree are between CAD 12,040 and CAD 20,850 per year for international students.

3. University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown

University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) in Charlottetown distinguishes itself through a commitment to exceptional Graduate education. UPEI offers a diverse range of Master's programs, allowing you to tailor your studies to your specific goals. Furthermore, UPEI prioritizes affordability, making a high-quality education accessible.

Popular Masters Courses at the University of Prince Edward Island

  • Master of Science in Sustainable Design Engineering

  • Master of Science in Molecular and Macromolecular Sciences

  • Master of Applied Health Services Research

  • Master of Veterinary Science

  • Master of Education

UPEI prioritizes keeping education accessible, making its programs attainable with competitive tuition fees, as you will see in the following section.

Cost of Study

The Tuition Fee for Masters Courses at UPEI is between CAD 15,064 and CAD 21,066 per year.

These are the leading universities offering top-notch courses for masters within CAD 25,000. By prioritizing affordability, they aim to create a pathway for you to achieve your full potential. To cover this study expenditure, you may need financial assistance. In the next section, we have covered one of your best funding options, which is taking an overseas education loan.

How Élan Overseas Education Loans Can Help?

Congratulations! You've secured a place at a top Canadian university with competitive tuition fees – a fantastic first step towards your academic goals. However, ensuring your spot is just the beginning and there are a lot of other factors to consider. While tuition costs might seem manageable, don't forget to consider living expenses. Canada boasts a high quality of life, which comes at a substantial price.

Additionally, the mandatory Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) requires a deposit of around CAD 20,635 into a GIC account, demonstrating your financial ability to support yourself during your studies which can be managed with a study abroad loan.

When seeking a study loan for Canada to meet these requirements, approaching Élan Overseas Education Loans can be highly beneficial. We can assist you in comparing Loans offered by various financial Institutions for your Masters featuring a competitive interest rate and a maximum loan amount.

In conclusion, Canada boasts a wide range of affordable Universities, some of which we have highlighted in our article. However, as you already know, when clubbed with living expenses, the overall cost of education may necessitate financing. In this regard, Expert Loan Advisors at Élan can assist you in getting the best loan option.

From helping you understand the prerequisites of foreign education loans to finding the best financial lender, we try to direct our study abroad aspirants to the best route! Connect with us today!


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