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Overseas Education Loan Repayment Plan: The Part-time Job Edition

Indeed getting a quality education is like laying down the bricks for your future career dreams. That is why millions of international students from all around the globe are super keen on pursuing a degree in their desired destinations. But hey, what about finances? financing this dream can sometimes be tough right? Well, students turn to education loans to make it happen. But here's the thing, not everyone plans to depend completely on their parents or future job to pay it back. Almost every international student realizes the value of taking a part-time job to start repaying that loan.

So, what kind of part-time jobs are we talking about to repay your foreign education loan? And how do you juggle work, studies, and loan repayment? Let us go ahead with this article and find out more about this.

Part-Time Work Duration and Wages at Popular Study Destinations

Before we jump into the steps to start repaying your education loan via part-time jobs, let us take a peek at the allowed part-time work hours and average hourly wages in each popular higher education destination.

Allowed Part-time Work Duration
Average Hourly Wages
United States of America
Academic Session: Up to 20 hours 
Semester Breaks: 40 hours per week

United Kingdom
Academic Session: Up to 20 hours 
Semester Breaks:  40 hours/Week During Vacations

€ 14.22
Academic Session: Up to 48 hours per fortnight
Semester Breaks: Full-time

AU$ 20.33
Academic Session: Up to 20 hours per week
Semester Breaks: Full-time

CA$ 17.66
New Zealand
Academic Session: Up to 20 hours per week
Semester Breaks: Full-time During Vacations

NZD$ 22.70
Academic Session: Up to 20 hours per week
Semester Breaks: Up to 40 hours per week

€ 10-12
Academic Session: Up to 20 hours per week
Semester Breaks: Full-time

€ 15

It is noteworthy that work hour restrictions and permitted job types may vary based on visa regulations and individual circumstances.

Popular Part-time Job Options

It is time for us to explore some fantastic part-time job options that hardly disrupt international students' academics These roles often come with flexible schedules, ensuring students have enough time for classes and projects.

- Babysitter

- Barista 

- Call Center Representative

- Food Delivery Executive

- Library Assistant

- Restaurant Server

- Student Ambassador

- Teaching Assistant

- Tutor

These roles offer a perfect blend of professionalism and fun, making them ideal for students looking to balance work and study without missing out on the college experience.

Tips to Repay Your Education Loan with Part-time Jobs

Once you have started searching for a suitable part-time job option, here are some practical tips to help you tackle your education loan while working a part-time job. To know more, you can even look out for free online counselling for study abroad loan repayments from an expert finance advisor.

  1. Seek Flexible and High Paying Part-time Job
    When searching for a part-time job, aim for one that offers flexible hours and a higher pay rate. This way, you can balance your studies while earning enough to cover your educational expenses and living costs along with your education loan. Choosing a job with flexible hours ensures you don't compromise on your academic commitments.

  2. Try the 50-30-20 rule for Smart Budgeting
    Keep track of your income and expenses. Create a budget that allows you to cover your essentials while setting aside money for loan repayments. For this, you can follow the 50-30-20 rule, where you have to allocate 50 percent to essentials, 30 percent for debt and savings, and 20 percent for percent for miscellaneous expenses.

  3. Look out for Additional Scholarships
    Check out for additional scholarships where you are studying to have an extra backup for your expenses. These scholarships, from private and government sources, can really lighten your financial load and even save you a large portion of your part-time salary.

  4. Set Realistic Repayment Goals
    By breaking down your loan repayment into smaller milestones you can achieve the longer goal. This keeps you motivated and helps you track progress effectively. Remember, every milestone achieved is a step closer to financial freedom!

  5. Start Investing
    Time to make your money hustle as well! Start investing smartly because it is like planting seeds not only for your present scenario but for future use also. Bonds, mutual funds, or trading can pave the way to paying off your loan and securing your future. Investing should be the ultimate financial game plan for success for each and every international student.

  6. Check Employer Benefits
    Inquire if your employer offers any benefits or assistance programs that could help with your education loan repayment. Some employers do offer tuition reimbursement, loan repayment assistance, or even accommodation.

In conclusion, with these tips in your toolkit, you are all geared up to tackle your education loan head-on while balancing your part-time work commitments. And when it comes to picking your study destination, don't forget to consider these factors like permitted work hours, average hourly wages along with university choices, visa procedures, etc.

Furthermore, we also recommend you opt for part-time work opportunities as soon as you reach your study destination, this will help you to manage your living expenses such as food, travelling, etc. Thus, you can manage your living expenses without taking any loan disbursement leading to lower debt.

For personalized guidance on how to get education loan for abroad studies without collateral or with collateral reach out to ELAN Overseas Education Loans. With a proven track record of assisting thousands of students in realizing their study-abroad dreams, ELAN could be the trusted ally you need to conquer the financial aspects of your educational journey with ease.


  • What are the two main types of foreign education loans?

    Collateral Loans (require assets as security) and Non-Collateral Loans (accessible without collateral).

  • Who are some of the major providers of overseas education loans?

    Public Banks, Private Banks, Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs), International lenders.

  • Is it possible to repay your overseas education loan within the loan tenure?

    Yes, the loan tenure is between 10 to 15 years, and you can easily pay off your overseas education loan within this duration.

  • What are some popular part-time jobs for international students?

    Some of the popular part-time job options for international students are Babysitter, Barista, Call Center Representative, Food Delivery Executive, Library Assistant, Restaurant Server, Student Ambassador, Teaching Assistant, Tutor, etc.

  • How can students repay their foreign education loans with part-time jobs?

    The following are tips to follow to repay your foreign education loan,
    - By seeking flexible and high-paying part-time jobs
    - Smart Budgeting – The 50-30-20 rule
    - Looking for Additional Scholarships
    - Setting Realistic Repayment Goals
    - Start Investing
    - Checking Employer Benefits


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